Roadmap for PulseModem A

The "A" of "PulseModem A" stands for APRS. Future versions of PulseModem will decode other formats.

PulseModem A is an APRS client, that reads and reports APRS location and message.

PulseModem A aims to be the finest RF telemetry APRS & virtual TNC on iOS. The app will be updated as much as possible.

Below are the current roadmap of PulseModem A.

1. BLE Hardware Companion & PTT triggers

Given that the 3.5mm TRRS audio port has been removed from the current line-up of iOS devices, PulseModem A is expected to have a companion hardware in BLE4 for easy interface with commonly available VHF radios.

High on the list would be a proper PTT triggers for Baofeng, Kenwood & Yaesu radios.

2. Updated icons

The original APRS specifications have a limited set of icons.

That has been changed a few years ago, which gave rises to almost 1000+. PulseModem A aims to provide a more comprehensive support.

3. Better Messaging Parsing

Given that this is the first release of PulseModem A, there could be a myriad combinations of APRS messages that could trigger errors.

Along with other kinds of malformed messages from network or software errors...

This app will be updated with better message handling.

4. Better localization support

This app is currently being localized to French, Japanese and Chinese.

5. Payload process hooks

Additional Python interpreter(s) will be added, so the app can response to an incoming APRS message, to trigger other network resources, such as AWS, Azure or the Google Cloud Platform.

6. Persistent storages

Messages are currently not stored in the app in the first release. Persistent storage(s) will be added once the message parsing is surely to be reliable.

It would look bad if a malformed message bombs the app consistently on startup.

7. Backport to older iOS versions

Currently PulseModem A only supports iOS 10+. We aim to backport to lower iOS versions.