Getting Started with the PulseModem A

The "A" of "PulseModem A" stands for APRS. Future versions of PulseModem will decode other formats.

PulseModem A is an APRS client, that reads and reports APRS location and message.

What you can do with it?

APRS stands for: Automatic Packet Reporting System.

APRS is a digital communications protocol that can exchanges information among large number of stations both local and global.

You as a licensed Amateur Radio operators can send and receive APRS location and message in 2 ways:

  1. Direct to the APRS-IS Network
  2. Radio Frequency with Amateur Radio at 2 meter band at 144MHz

Full AX.25 software AFSK modem is available for off-the-grid operations.

APRS-IS network

You can connect directly with the global APRS-IS network by Internet. Messages reaching the gateways will be relayed to the APRS-IS feed.

The PulseModem A will display messages from the APRS-IS, 100km around your current location.

Radio Frequency with Amateur Radio at 2 meter band at 144MHz

APRS messages are short in length, in less than 100 bytes.

Messages are encoded in AX.25 protocol with Bell 202 AFSK modulation.

PulseModem A will play the encoded message through the audio port of your iOS device, to your radio.

Once your messages are received directly with the APRS-IS online, or a nearby radio stations, your message will appear through the APRS-IS feed.

Your positions and messages will then be available worldside on other APRS clients and websites, such as