Credits & Acknowledgements

The "A" of "PulseModem A" stands for APRS. Future versions of PulseModem will decode other formats.

The PulseModem A is developed by Pulsely:
PulseModem A
(C) 2018 by Pulsely
leveraging the hard work from these forward thinkers, developers & designers:


Bob Bruninga
APRS is a registered trademark of Bob Bruninga. He is the creator of the APRS system.

APRS Library

multimon - original program to decode radio transmissions
(C) 1996/1997 by Tom Sailer HB9JNX/AE4WA

multimon-ng - great improvment of multimon, for the RF Receive function
(C) 2012-2018 by Elias Oenal

ax25beacon - AX.25 beacon packet generator for APRS
Philip Heron

libfap - ARPS parser
Originally written by Tapio Sokura, OH2KKU and Heikki Hannikainen, OH7LZB and ported to C by Tapio Aaltonen, OH2GVE

iOS components

EZAudio - iOS and macOS audio visualization framework built upon Core Audio
by Syed Haris Ali

TPCircularBuffer - A simple, fast circular buffer implementation
by Michael Tyson

AFNetworking - delightful networking framework for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS
AFNetworking is owned and maintained by the Alamofire Software Foundation.
AFNetworking was originally created by Scott Raymond and Mattt Thompson in the development of Gowalla for iPhone.

DZNEmptyDataSet - drop-in UITableView/UICollectionView superclass category for showing empty datasets
Copyright (c) 2016 Ignacio Romero Zurbuchen

UICKeyChainStore - simple wrapper for Keychain on iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS
By kishikawa katsumi,

RMessage - crisp in-app notification/message banner built in ObjC
Copyright (c) 2016 TouchSix, Inc. Adonis Peralta

Onboard - easily create a beautiful and engaging onboarding experience
Copyright (c) 2014 Michael Amaral

Chameleon - lightweight, yet powerful, color framework for iOS
by Vicc Alexander

CocoaAsyncSocket - Asynchronous socket networking library for Mac and iOS
Copyright (c) 2017, Deusty, LLC


aprs-symbols APRS symbol set, high-resolution, vector
by Heikki Hannikainen

App icon:
Icon by By Oksana Latysheva, UA

Transmit icon:
Power by & from the Noun Project

Map icon:
Map by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project

List icon:
List by Iconstock from the Noun Project

Info icon:
about by Hector from the Noun Project

Cloud icon:
servers by Jony from the Noun Project

Sleeping cat:
Sleeping Cat by parkjisun from the Noun Project

Apple Icon:
Apple by Milinda Courey from the Noun Project

Missing Acknowledgements?

We try not to missing anyone, but if you know someone is missing, please contact PulseModem A via its github repo.